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Keeping a home in good condition requires both work and the right tools. Some individuals choose to work with professionals to keep their homes maintained, while others choose to do some or all of the upkeep themselves. Lawn mowers, snow blowers, shovels, and rakes are a few examples of devices that help to keep a house and its surrounding property looking clean and neat.

Securely and easily storing these tools can present a challenge, particularly if they are large or if property owners want to limit the products that they keep in a their garage. Storage sheds are good solutions for these problems. As this storage shed purchasing guide points out, storage sheds are locations where property owners can conveniently protect and keep their devices.

Storage sheds come in a range of products and designs and with a handful of accessories to not only effectively and easily store tools, but to do so in such a manner that the storage shed appears aesthetically consistent with your home and landscape where it sits.

Storage Shed Materials

This storage shed buying guide describes the different materials from which storage sheds can be constructed. Not only do these materials influence how storage sheds look, but they likewise identify numerous of the sheds’ features, such as size, sturdiness, mobility, customizability, and the amount of maintenance needed. The main products used to build sheds can include metal, vinyl, and wood.


arrow commander shedMetal is a lightweight, low-priced material that is used in the construction of a storage shed. It might be steel or aluminum, however no matter what type of metal is made use of in the shed’s construction, it must be rust-free so that the storage shed will last a very long time with a very little amount of upkeep needed. The metal shed should be treated with an enamel finish, as this galvanization is exactly what helps avoid rust. While metal sheds may be durable, including windows later will likely be harder and more limited than if the shed was made from wood.


vinyl shed kitVinyl may be a more pricey material from which to construct storage sheds, however the bigger upfront cost generally pays itself back in  longevity and sturdiness. Vinyl does not peel and it does a great job at resisting corrosion and dry rot. Most
vinyl storage sheds likewise have double-wall panels to prevent dings and dents. The panels are likewise pre cut to accurate standards so that they fit well with one another, offering the shed structural integrity. Due to their capability to resist the elements that can degrade other materials, vinyl storage sheds are perfect for harsher environments.


wood shed kitWood is perhaps the most visually pleasing material to utilize in the construction of a storage shed. Numerous homes have wood siding, therefore utilizing a
wood storage shed will blend well with these homes. It is important to treat a wooden storage shed with sealants and preservatives in order to keep the wood from rotting, bending, and discoloring. Wood likewise enables greater customizability of the shed, such as adding windows and various sorts of accessories such as tool racks and overhead lofts.

Storage Shed Styles

There are numerous styles of storage sheds that are offered. This is a cosmetic factor to consider, though one that is necessary if a shed is to match a home with which it shares landscape. This area highlights a few main styles of storage sheds, consisting of gables, barns, quakes, and dormers, and explains the different features of each style.


Gable is among the most popular designs of storage shed. The roofing system has a conventional appearance and an even, steady pitch. This is the same look that the roofing systems of lots of residences have, making gable storage sheds good options to match these homes.


Barn storage sheds have a structural look that is best for rural settings. A barn storage shed might not be designed to house livestock , but it does look fitting beside barns that do. Some barn storage sheds are also big enough that a loft can be added to enhance storage area. Some substyles within the barn category include gambrel, dutch barn, and colonial.


There are numerous quaker-style homes in the northeastern United States, making quaker-style storage sheds a popular option to match these homes. The distinguishing function of quake storage sheds is that the roofing system is longer on the back side, while the short front side hangs over the edge of the storage shed’s front wall.


The dormer style is represented by a peaked roofing. A Victorian dormer has its peak above the front wall of a storage shed, with one brief peak running perpendicular to the roof’s main peak from the front wall. The roofing system then has two “valleys” on either side of the brief peak, creating an extremely classy look.

Shed Accessories

The following explains a few of the typical accessories that can be found on storage sheds, while describing their purpose for their use.


Ramps are necessary for moving huge, wheeled equipment (such as mower) in and out of a storage shed.


Racks help to organize all of the products in a storage shed. Some sheds have manufacturer-recommended suitable shelves, while it might also be possible to personalize shelves for other sheds.


Windows (and skylights) permit natural light into sheds, making it much easier to find devices and to prevent mishaps inside the shed.


A loft is like one large shelf for large storage sheds. This add-on can considerably broaden the storage space capability in a shed.

Numerous property owners will find that these storage shed accessories will certainly go a long way towards serving their storage and availability requirements for their equipment and devices.

Where to Buy a Storage Shed

There many options offered to those planning to buy a storage shed. Local shoppers may want to check out storage shed dealers situated near them. Home improvement warehouse like Home Depot, Costco and Lowe’s normally have a show floor displaying storage sheds assembled for consumers to inspect. For that reason they generally have a great selection from which to pick.

These home improvement stores likewise have staff available for customers to speak with about buying the best storage shed to suit their needs. This suggestions can be extremely handy to making a great choice about which storage shed to purchase.

Local shoppers trying to find a bargain on a ready made storage shed may want to consider the selection of trade-in sheds that are offered by local shed dealerships. Conversely, bargain shoppers can also check classified advertisements to see if any used or repossessed sheds are offered there.

Shopping for pre built storage sheds might need some patience for buyers to find exactly what they are trying to find, however, because the choice is frequently irregular. Prefabricated sheds from classified ad shed dealers might cost a little less than ones offered by authorized shed dealers, but sellers in classified ads are typically not storage shed sales professionals and therefore do not normally offer the same level of customer service discovered at a dealer’s outlet.

It is likewise possible to buy storage sheds online. Not only do big box retailers and home enhancement shops offer their storage sheds online, but there are also online shops that just sell storage sheds. These can be especially good sources from which to buy a storage shed since they typically offer the broadest option possible. Shopping online is also practical because buyers can buy their storage sheds at any hour of the day or night and have them shipped to their residence or business location, bypassing the set up and delivery process with a shed dealership. Buying a shed online typically from a shed dealer often saves consumers an average of $200.00 versus buying from a local shed store. This is a substantial savings.

Searching for a Storage Shed Online

You can begin your search online for a storage shed by visiting a search engine like Google or Bing on the site’s homepage. From there, you can make a type in “buy a storage shed online” in the search bar and a list of relevant searches will appear. On the next page, mouse over the Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living menu alternative so that another menu appears along with it. Mouse over the Garden Structures & Fencing choice on that menu and after that pick Storage Sheds from the menu that appears. This will display all the storage sheds that are for sale online. You can then enter functions, such as “wood”, into the search bar and click Search to see all the storage sheds available with that feature. Utilizing the search function, you can quickly find the storage shed that you are trying to find online.

Free Shipping

One way to conserve some hard earned cash when you shop online is by deciding to purchase from a company that provides totally free shipping. If you are looking for a wood storage shed and you want to buy from among these sellers, be sure to first look for wood storage sheds by following the directions on their website. Most online shed retailers offer a free shipping option as an incentive for buying a shed from them. This will save a whole lot of cash and enable you to buy storage shed accessories.


A storage shed is an extremely helpful option for arranging the tools that individuals make use of to keep their homes maintained. Many homeowners likewise possess equipment that is inconvenient and harmful to store in a garage. Leaving it outside in the aspects will also most likely result in the wear and tear of these devices. A good storage shed addresses both of these problems.

There are a couple of various elements that enter into buying a storage shed, consisting of the shed materials, the shed design, and storage shed accessories. In addition to these considerations, buyers must likewise take some time to think about which size sheds they need and the location that they plan to utilize for their sheds. When purchasers have made these determinations, they will be better informed in their shed buying decision. This storage shed buying guide has detailed the vital elements of a shed itself, consisting of the previously mentioned shed materials, shed designs, and shed accessories. Readers should be able to use this information to make successful storage shed purchases that will certainly help them arrange their equipment and get their home organized.

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How to Build an Affordable Storage Shed


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How to Build an Affordable Storage Shed, Modular construction and inexpensive materials make this shed easy to build and easy to afford. We’ll show you how to build this shed and provide you with the plans and materials list you need to get started.

We designed this shed with money saving in mind. Even the dimensions are designed to make the most efficient use of lumber. Here are some of the ways you’ll save with our shed design.

OSB siding
Siding panels made from oriented strand board cost far less than solid wood or plywood panels, and come pre primed, saving you money and labor. Since the panels are also structural, you don’t need an additional layer of sheathing under the siding. You’ll save about $500 over the cost of cedar plywood siding.

Wood foundation
Hiring a concrete contractor to pour a slab for this shed could cost you $1,000, but the materials for this wood foundation will set you back only about $250. Plus, a wood foundation is easy to build even on sites that slope or have difficult access.

Cost-cutting custom door
Materials for this door cost about $140. A similar style prehung exterior door can easily cost more than $1,000. Of course, this door isn’t as weather-tight as a prehung door, and it wouldn’t work on your house, but it’s perfect for a shed. You get the look of an expensive custom wood door without the cost.

Easy arch-top windows
If you’ve ever priced arch-top windows, you know how expensive they can be. Even windows that don’t operate are likely to cost $400 apiece. But you can simulate the look of an expensive window without spending a ton of money. These windows cost about $60 each and are easy to build with materials you’ll find at any home center or lumberyard.

Composite trim
Composite trim saves you money and time right away. It’s less expensive than solid wood (you’ll save up to $160), it doesn’t have knots or other defects to work around, and it comes pre primed and ready for paint. And it’ll save you time and money in the long run since it holds paint better and longer than even the best-quality exterior wood.

Getting started

Arch-top windows and a custom door give this shed a high-quality look that belies its low cost and simple construction. The panelized construction technique means you could build the parts in your garage on a rainy weekend and then haul them to the site for assembly. Modest finishes like OSB siding and composite trim and fiberglass shingles help keep the materials cost low. And you’ll save hundreds of dollars by providing your own labor to build the door and windows.

The modular construction and wood platform foundation mean you can construct this affordable storage shed almost anywhere, even on remote or sloping sites. In this article, we’ll show you the basics of how to build the shed and install the windows and doors.

We found all the materials to build this shed at our local home depot. Most of the construction is straightforward and requires only standard carpentry tools and a circular saw. To build the windows and door, you’ll also need a table saw, power miter saw and router. We used a Kreg pocket hole jig and pocket hole screws to assemble the door and windows. With a helper or two, you could have the platform and shell built in two or three days. Then expect to spend four or five more days completing the siding, trim, doors, windows and roofing.

A few weeks before you start, check with your local building department to see whether a permit is required and to find out how close to the lot lines you can build. Then call 811 for instructions on how to locate buried utility lines. The first step is to set a pair of treated 6x6s on gravel beds as a foundation for the shed platform.

When you’ve decided on a shed location, dig two trenches 16 in. wide, 12 in. deep and 13 ft. long. Center the trenches 66 in. apart. Fill the trenches with a 3-in. layer of gravel and compact it with a hand tamper. Repeat this process until the trench is full. Use a level and long board to level the top layer of gravel. If the ground is flat, also make sure the gravel beds in the two trenches are level with each other.

Cut the treated 6x6s to 12 ft. and set them on the gravel so they’re parallel and the outside edges are 6 ft. apart. On sloped ground, you’ll have to raise the 6×6 on the low side until it’s level with the adjacent 6×6. Do this by stacking treated 2x6s, 4x6s or 6x6s on top of the treated 6×6 to reach the right height. Use a 4-ft. or longer level to make sure the 6x6s are level and level with each other. Finally, square the 6x6s by adjusting the position of one 6×6. Slide the 6×6 back and forth, not sideways, until the diagonal measurements from opposite corners are equal. Build the platform with treated 2x6s, 24 in. on center, and cover it with treated 3/4-in. plywood.

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These “affordable storage sheds” are only cheap on cost. They’re well built and the quality of material are second to none. You’ll save approximately half of cost when you opt to do it yourself.

How Much Investment Does A Carport Require?


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Do you require a carport? Is a single carport enough or would a double carport suit you much better? One thing is for sure: a carport is a cost-effective alternative to a two car garage. Is it cost-efficient enough, though? Keep reading to discover more about the expense of carports.

How Much Does a One Car Carport Cost?

A carport is inexpensive if you build it yourself and utilize the least expensive products. Nevertheless, a flat-topped carport with a corrugated roof can cost more money. You need not invest a fortune on a great carport, but you must bear in mind that it is going to be a noticeable part of your landscape and can either enhance or detract from the appearance and value of your home.

If your budget is your leading concern, a carport is a practical DIY task as long as you’re helpful with tools. If you have to have a cement piece set up, the slab might be the biggest expenditure. You can decide to build your carport from scratch, however prior to you rush out and purchase the products, get some costs for carport kits first.

If you’re constructing from scratch, you’ll most likely be restricted to utilizing materials that can be sawn and put together utilizing common devices, however if you buy a kit, you’ll have a range of materials and carport styles to pick from. Considering that they are standardized and easy-to-assemble, a carport kit can be an extremely inexpensive DIY task.

Just how much Does a Double Carport Cost?

A double carport can be an even better financial investment than a single carport. For example, a 6X3 metre gable roof single carport kit with a Colorbond roofing system might cost around $3000, while an equivalent 6X6 metre double carport may cost about $5,000. While it is two times the size of the single carport, it does not need two times as numerous products– hence the cost savings.

Prior to you make any choices, have a look at the Carport Design Ideas here on Instant Car Garage. The hundreds of photos there will give you an idea of the remarkable variety of options you have to pick from. Something you’ll observe is that a sound carport can considerably boost the appearance of your house.

Select a few designs you like and get quotes from carport builders and carport kit providers. Compare their costs with the expense of building a carport from scratch yourself and you’ll most likely agree that a custom-made built or kit carport is a better investment.

  • Cost and rates in this article are a sign and ought to just be made use of as a guide. They also differ locally and undergo market forces.

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Affordable Improvements to Garages Offer Generous ROI


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carports for saleIf you are considering selling your home, you are likely considering what improvements will enhance the house’s value. Upgrading your kitchen area to granite countertops and matching stainless appliances are both good investments. Remodeling your restrooms can likewise enhance your home’s selling price. These improvements provide a large roi but can be costly up front. If you are on a limited budget for enhancements, think about purchasing your carport. Garages and carports are a major selling point for buyers as well as modest enhancements can improve your home’s value.

Carports can increase your home’s appraisal by virtue of their existence. These structures count towards your house’s overall square footage. Any square footage equates into added value for your appraisal. In addition, your home’s appraisal will take into consideration the other homes in your neighborhood. If a carport is the standard in your area, you should have one, too. To an expert appraiser, lacking a function the other houses have means your home has less to offer. This can result in a decrease of value. In this scenario, staying up to date with the Joneses can actually settle.

Fortunately, repair services and restorations to garages are fairly inexpensive and provide a large roi. In fact, realty experts recommend even small changes can make a difference in your home’s value. For example, you can recoup almost 75 percent of the cost of new doors. Setting up shelving on the walls for more storage will also make the space more attractive. Realtors advise against setting up drywall or cabinets, as these enhancements do not provide a return on investment.

Garages can likewise be a turnoff to a prospective purchaser. Organization professionals say that house owners parking their cars on the driveway or on the street instead of inside the carport are red flags to prospective buyers that the garage is being utilized to store other things beside it’s intended use. This suggest that the home is short on storage. Rent a storage facility off-site if you require a location to keep things during your move. Some realtors even recommend parking your cars in other places while showing your house so that the carport looks larger. In this case, you need to clean any spills or discolorations off of the floor, and adding a fresh coat of sealant (epoxy) will give it a fresh new look.

Additionally, the condition of the carport matters to purchasers. If you have a freestanding carport structure that has actually fallen under disrepair, realtors encourage that you put some cash into repairing it. Taking down the structure means that you have no garage to market. Additionally, you might leave the structure standing so that the brand-new owners can possibly prevent lengthy authorization to construct a replacement. However, this alternative will reduce the selling price of your house. If you put a little money into bringing the structure up to par, you can note the building as having a carport and will likely recover your expenses.

Choosing which improvement tasks to undertake to prepare your house for sale is a crucial consideration. Garages have actually ended up being much more of a selling point, so it is important to create make yours beneficial and useful. If you are on a tight budget plan, upgrading your garage is a great way to obtain a return on your investment.

5 Advantages of Steel Structures in Flood Zones


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steel building structuresCountless house owners have really felt the effects of the current floodings in Texas. Heavy rainfalls from Bristol to Dallas as well as Houston brought devastation to 70 counties.

Left in the after-effects of breached levees and overflowed rivers, many residents looked on in disbelief as they watched their precious buildings and sheds destroyed. The federal order “state of emergency” issued by the President will bring help through funding for residence repairs, as offered some relief.

If you are tidying up in the results of the flood or live in a flood area and also are intending to build a home, you are possibly wondering how to prevent damage from future floods. One alternative to consider is a prefab steel structure. This material supplies a number of advantages over wood construction for homeowners in flood zones.

A Short History of Steel Buildings

Though prominent in Japan since the 1950s, steel structure houses are rather new to the United States housing market. After The second world war, Japan would require 150 years worth of lumber growth to restore residences wiped out by bomb damage.

Building contractors counted on steel, which was available and also had the significant advantage of being fireproof. Utilizing light-gauge steel that was made in the sizes and shape of lumber, specialists as well as house owners built new houses. While doing so, they established a number of methods that made steel building prominent and also affordable throughout the globe.

Britain embraced steel for homes. The top 20 contracting companies in the UK presently utilize steel-frame construction. It is additionally a very prominent product for homes in Australia and Canada.

In the U.S., steel has been utilized in offices as well as other commercial frameworks for several years, yet just in the past twenty years have steel- and also metal-frame homes come to be common. Residents like the fact that they are termite-proof as well as fire-resistant.

Right here is an in-depth look at four major advantages of metal buildings to consider if you live in a floodplain.

1. Metal Withstands Mold

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and also Prevention, mold could create a variety of health issue, some minor, others severe. These consist of:

  • Stale nose
  • Irritated throat
  • Coughing and also wheezing
  • Serious infections
  • Upper breathing system infections
  • Asthma
  • Irritation pneumonitis

Mold presents serious threats to your overall wellness. It thrives in locations with a high moisture content, which is a good description of a flooded residence.

To get rid of it, you should clean up the mold that is there and take care of the dampness issue so it will not return. This is where steel reveals its well worth. Steel houses have a major benefit over wood frameworks due to the fact that they don’t have wood studs, where mold and mildew thrives.

If you do experience a flood and mold takes hold, you could eliminate it far more faster in a metal home than in a wood one. Mold and mildew can be cleaned from steel studs as well as panels rather effortlessly. But if your residence is made from wood, it could be difficult to get into timber panels as well as studs, which are permeable and also nurture mold and mildew.

Structures with steel roofings have become a preferred replacement choice among homeowner since they are so reliable in withstanding damages from moisture. On the other hand, shingles and timber trembles fracture and dupe, permitting wetness to leakage into the substructure as well as right into attic rooms, causing expensive damages and mold and mildew growth.

2. Metal Stands up to Deterioration

Steel wears away, or breaks down, because of a typical electrochemical procedure. Rust speeds up in the presence of dampness and also oxygen. But also for home building, two types of steel do well in withstanding the results of deterioration: galvanized steel and also Cor-Ten steel.

Galvanized steel has a zinc covering that safeguards the steel from exposure to the components. It is often utilized in rural setups as well as for household building.

Cor-Ten steel is in fact a blend that has as its base steel and copper, with a mix of chromium, manganese as well as nickel. Often called weathering steel, it works well in weather extremes since the copper in the mix decelerates the price of corrosion.

Metal homes made with the appropriate materials are successfully rust immune. This implies they can ride out a flood with very little damage.

3. Flood Water Doesn’t Harm High quality Steel
When a timber house becomes flooded, its structural and also framework products could sustain substantial harm. Water soaks in, deteriorates as well as decays the component parts of timber. Oftentimes these have to be replaced, which is time consuming and also pricey.

However with a steel building, the framework and also the panels do not need replacing. Steel is not permeable, so it does not absorb the dampness. The material is not destroyed and also will not deteriorate. Even in a flooding, steel does not turn, warp or shrink, which are common troubles with wood residences.

4. Water Does not Damage the Paint
The paint on steel panels is applied in such a way that it lasts almost as long as the steel, which in many cases is a life time. You don’t need to repaint steel panels after a flooding since the paint is greater than surface deep.

On the other hand, water seeps under the area of homes made with the wood. The material warps and also rots, which ruins the paint. After the timber is fixed or replaced, the framework needs to be painted.

Steel buildings require much less time and money to bring them back to working and desirable condition after flooding. A Steel Building is Faster as well as Easier to Recover Once the flood waters decline, remediation and also repair work begins on a swamped community. In most cases of typical timber homes, the reconstruction duration is a lengthy and tough one. As a result of the concerns explained above, it might be required to change entire wall surfaces and in some cases a full demolition of the structure is required, followed by a rebuilt. Certainly this is time consuming and costly. Other than money and time, the psychological toll is enormous.

Bringing back a steel structure that has actually made it through a flood could require changing drywall, carpet, and also possibly replacing bathroom vanities or kitchen cabinets. Nevertheless, in nearly every case the structure itself will just need clean-up– not restoration.

Flooding victims can go home, or go back to work much faster compared to a wood framework.

In Summary
Here’s an essential tip to keep in mind when constructing a metal house. You need to make sure to build on an elevated concrete pad, at least 18″ above the all-natural quality, prior to putting your concrete foundation. This maintains your framework above the water when it floods. Learn much more regarding the concrete foundation.

Metal houses are ending up being more and more prominent in flood areas for a good reason. They withstand the rotting and contorting that occurs to wood structures. They stand up to harmful mold and mildew. Mold and mildew that does increase is effortlessly cleaned out. Flooding causes very little, if any kind of, damages to steel and its paint. Lastly, remediation as well as repair work of a steel structure is usually much quicker compared to that of a wood structure, which allows us to rapidly get back to a typical life after calamity.

A metal house stays in much better form when a flood hits, which saves you worry, money, effort and time. Need more info? Check out our recent related article.


Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Original Shelters Among Top 3 Structure Retailers in USA


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Basically, house improvement refers to the technique of refurbishing, fixing, or making add-ons to one’s home. In this way, property owners get to alter, modify, or renovate their homes without having to alter the entire house. Due to the fact that a lot of homeowners want to conserve more cash, they generally undergo home improvements that employ the do-it-yourself system’s wherein they just purchase the structure kits and are accountable for doing all the necessary steps.

Today, there are lots of home improvement companies that offer home storage buildings and sheds. Among the most well recognized companies that offer storage buildings and sheds are the Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Original Shelters.

Here is a list of some of the notable features of these three companies. This will provide you an overview of the companies and most likely the main reasons why Lowe’s and Home Depot, and Original Shelters has continuously been on top of the list in the finest home improvement companies for offering affordable outdoor structures.

Firewood Seasoning Sheds for Storing Firewood


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firewood seasoning shed

If you have a fireplace or wood burning stove then you need to invest in a “firewood seasoning shed.” It might be tempting to simply stack your fire wood outside, perhaps covered by a tarpaulin, however this is the worst thing you can do. Wood kept on the ground gets moist and decomposes as ground water is absorbed, and covering with a tarpaulin keeps the wetness in, avoiding the wood from drying and aging. The end result is wood that is tough to light and produces more smoke than heat.

Firewood seasoning sheds are designed in such a way that the wood is stored off the ground with adequate air circulation that the wood can dry and season throughout the storing process.

Prior to picking a firewood shed plan, you have to choose the area of your firewood shed. You want it to be close enough to your home that you can rapidly get wood even in bad weather condition, however far enough away that it is out of the way. Firewood seasoning sheds are fairly simple structures to setup and begin using. Sheds for storing firewood are fairly smaller structures. Since wood is sold by the cord, a stack that measures 10 feet by 20 feet will typically meet most homeowners needs.

The most important functions of a firewood seasoning shed are that it safeguards wood from rain and snow, yet likewise enables air to distribute to make sure the wood stays dry and doesn’t rot.

To learn more about firewood seasoning sheds, please call Original Shelters at 1800-860-7970.

High Wind and Anchoring Your Carport Properly


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Shelter Logic garageHow important is it for your carport or portable garage to stay in one piece? As seen in this recent news story about the top of a carport blowing on vehicles in a Dallas airport, keeping your carport in top condition will result in fewer damages from natural weather. Not necessarily the carport being damaged by the elements, however, but, instead, the carport falling and damaging the vehicle or any other investments below. After all, the structure is supposed to be protecting and sheltering your vehicles – not damaging them.

In the case of this carport incident in Dallas, a contractor in Love Field was dismantling some of the metal on the canopy portion and the wind blew the piece off the structure. The metal canopy then landed on some parked cars, resulting in damage and causing a power outage. Of course, the contractor is only part of the occasion in this instance. As we’ve seen in past posts, a carport simply doesn’t need to be anchored or sturdy enough, and wind or snow will cause the shelter to fall over or collapse.

Many carport or portable garage kits will specify on the package that the shelter, when installed properly, is designed to support a certain amount of snow on the roof and a certain amount of wind. Usually, this ends up being about 55 pounds of snow on the roof and winds up to 95 MPH. There’s one catch, however – the carport needs to be anchored and installed correctly.

For carports and portable garages ranging from this airport shelter in Dallas to a square tube shelter, installation often entails anchoring the shelter through concrete or metal anchors. When this isn’t done, the shelter simply can’t handle as much snow or wind. Additionally, check all joints the shelter has, to make sure they’re secure and won’t cause the shelter to collapse.

How to Choose the Perfect Farm Building for A/G Use


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portable fam buildingsWhich farm storage system is best for my farm is a frequent question that arises among most farmers and agricultural planners who are trying to decide storage needs for upcoming seasons. Research is key to any buying descision. With the many farm building options presently on the market, it’s vital to find out as much as you can about the various farm building designs and options available. Fortunately, there are many well built farm building options to choose from. There are small, medium and large farm buildings and shelters readily available designed for most any agricultural purpose. Price and portability of movement of the buildings from one spot to another are two main factors to pnder when considering adding additional storage space on your farm.

sand and salt sheltersFrom extra large, farm buildings and gambrel barns, to smaller structures ideal for hay storage, greenhouse, equipment shelter, sand and salt shelter, vehicle storage, and so much more. Portable farm buildings are a popular choice among independent farmers of today. Fabric buildings last through many seasons of changing weather conditions. Most are made from first quality USA galvanized steel, which is typically rust resistant, weather and pest resistant. The Most fabric covers are made from high performance polythylene rip-stop material in a standard 9oz, heavy duty 14.5oz, and industrial grade 21.5oz material. Many of the fabric covered buildings come with a fifteen year guarantee, which gives peace of moind when unexpected flaws with the product arise.

For agricultural enterprises the need to store tractor or vehicles, feed and grains, orcity equipment storage shelters pesticides and fertilizers can change with the season. With proper ventilation, portable fabricated buildings can adequately protect all of your investments from harsh elements and damaging UV rays. This makes fabric covered farm buildings a cost conscious choice for farmers.

Storage needs tend to change rapidly. The intial use of land may also be redesigned down the road as well. There is no worry with these portable farm buildings that are built to be disassembled and moved as the needs of the farm change. This makes transporting the buildings an easier job than demolishing and rebuilding decaying permanent edifices, often a time and cost venture.

shelterlogic portable garagesAssembly instructions are included in most portable farm building packages, and will guide you in erecting your building, step by step. A great starting point in your serach for farm building packages is As an exclusive Shelterlogic dealer, your sure to find the perfect building for your farm. Whats better than a good Shelterlogic portable building? They are perfect for farm, storage, home storage, vehicle shelter, equipment storage, boat and RV shelter, livestock housing, and so much more.

Utilizing a Portable RV Shelter for Seasonal Storage


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portable rv shelterThe seasonal storage of a recreational vehicle could set you back anywhere from $40 to $100 or even more monthly, depending upon the location and features you must spend for along with storage space. For instance, in some states rv owners might require continuous, thermostat-controlled storage. For many rv owners, this is not a really cost reliable means to invest their money. When it comes to seasonal storage space of an RV, the most effective method is to acquire a portable rv shelter.

Affordable Long-Term Costs

In twelve months’ time, the owner of the recreational vehicle spending $100.00 each month for a temperature regulated storage area, the cost exceeds $1,200. Installing a portable shelter to store a large motorhome, a semi trailer, a bus, or boat is even more affordable compared to leasing a storage area per month.

For instance, the “14Wx44Lx16H 14.5 oz portable garage building” is suitable for storing oversized items such as farming equipment, tractors or large bales of hay. This building features a heavy duty polyethylene cover, which is manufactured to make sure that it blocks out dangerous ultraviolet rays, and stands up to the toughest elements. The heavy duty cover also includes a ten year manufacturer’s guarantee. The cover affixes to an all steel 2-3/8″ frame with sturdy ratchet tite anchoring as opposed to some bargain-basement shelters. The front and back panels are removable and can be opened to allow full drive through.

Multipurpose Structures

Besides being used to shelter recreational vehicles from severe rainfall and inclement weather, portable garages can also be made use of to offer as short-term shelters for horses, agricultural use, garden equipment, boat shelter, and so much more.

Benefits of Portable Storage Buildings


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Would you like an affordable answer to storage space difficulties? A portable storage building is it. A portable storage space structure is a viable option to situate on your residence or commercial location. The safekeeping of equipment, the storage space of excess goods, and also added area for recreation is managed through such storage space structures.

portable storage buildings

A traditional framework is an alternative choice, yet such alternatives cost much more cash. Portable storage buildings are reasonably priced as well as equally resilient. By the time you invest in a foundation (concrete pad or wood flooring), pay a contractor to build it, secure a building permit from the city, and do all the necessary prep work involved in building a storage structure, you could invest in an affordable portable storage building and save some hard earned cash. Not to mention the time you’ll save!

Manufacturers of portable storage space buildings champion convenience. Often times, portable buildings come in prefabricated kits that are ready to assemble from the box. All needed parts for the structure are included in the portable building package. They’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation! Everything needed for a quick and straightforward assembly/install are included, even the instructions for setup.

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