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Shelterlogic Garages? Read this before you Buy!

A former Shelterlogic garages dealer tells all! Find out why we decided to discontinue our Shelter series by Shelter Logic.

shelterlogic garages

For those of us who do not know, Original Shelters discontinued their product selection of ShelterLogic garages. After several years of successful shelter sales for this manufacturer, Original Shelters felt there was no other course of action. This decision was based on several factors, but the overall quality was the primary concern.

Having first-hand knowledge of Shelterlogic portable shelters and garages, we can no longer offer their garages and shelters for sale. Their quality isn’t what it should be for the price! With that said, let me say this — Shelterlogic does have some decent fabric products. Their pop up canopies shed in a box fabric sheds, and shelter accessories do offer good quality and value.

Even some of their portable garages such as “Shelter Tube and Shelter Tech” are decent quality as well. However, Shelterlogic garages in their standard material (9 ounces) with powder-coated frames simply do not hold up under weather conditions that most portable garages are subjected too.

Our new portable garage line, Rhino Shelter has replaced our ShelterLogic Garage line. Rhino Shelters are far better quality and value than Shelterlogic Garages. Built of all steel frames from galvanized steel tubing. Unlike Shelterlogic portable garage frames that use cheaper recycled steel that has been powder-coated to appear galvanized, Rhino Shelter’s use only true hot-dipped galvanized steel.

Rhino Shelter garage covers are made of heavy-duty 10-ounce rip-stop polyvinyl fabric with extra UV-resistant treatment and fire-retardant chemicals. Their material is made of three layers – the outer weatherproof coating that comes in a number of different colors, a black middle layer that blocks out both visible sunlight and ultraviolet rays, and a white inner layer.and rip-stop covers (10 ounces). Rhino shelters are built for the long-haul unlike Shelterlogic garages!

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