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7 Reasons To Invest In Rhino Shelters

We’ve highlight the 7 top reasons to consider Rhino Shelters for your storage option.
rhino shelters

If your considering adding extra storage space to your home this spring, you might want to consider investing in an instant garage by Rhino Shelters

These heavy portable garage structures are ideal for storing and protecting your valuables from inclement weather outdoors, and are much more affordable than traditional storage buildings and garages on the market today. Of all the years we have been offering portable garages and outdoor storage structures, we are still to find a shelter to match the quality of the Rhino Shelter.

A constant risk with portable garages is degradation and deterioration of the frame. A Rhino Shelter avoids this by making all carriage nuts and bolts from stainless steel, making sure that the bolts will not rust from exposure or suffer anxiety fractures due to wind or snow pressure for the lifetime of your item.

rhino shelters frame assemblyAll parts of the Rhino Shelter frame are made from galvanized steel tubing. Unlike lots of various other mobile garage frames that utilize cheaper recycled steel that has been powder-coated to appear galvanized, Rhino Shelter’s use hot-dipped galvanized steel. For even greater protection, their tubing has two extra layers on the outside, consisting of a clear safety coating, along with a corrosion-resistant layer on the inside of the tubes.


Rhino Shelter covers are made of durable 10-ounce rip-stop poly-vinyl material with additional UV-rhino shelters coversresistant infusion and fire-retardant chemicals. Their product is made from three layers– the external weatherproof covering that is available in a variety of different colors, a black middle layer that blocks out both visible sunlight and ultraviolet rays, and a white inner layer. Rip-stop poly fabric is difficult to tear, and due to the means that it is woven, even if you get a tear it will not spread out. Their top quality, UV-resistant fabric will last 7 to 10 years in direct sunshine.

All RhinoShelters come standard with high-strength steel cable hook anchors, and a drive rod that’s included for anchoring. Rhino Shelters go above and beyond to make sure these portable shelters are effectively secured– the anchor locks 3 feet underground, and have a 1200 pound pull-out ratio.

The cover is affixed at all 4 edges with ratchet straps, and the material is heat-welded at the seams. The cross-welding makes for really strong seams, so that the cover can be tightened over the frame, which will lower structural vibrations. A drum-tight cover likewise does not build up as much snow on the roof.

Each Rhino Shelter includes a double-zipper door panel with 2 zippers in each end. Both door panels can be rolled up, enabling drive-through ability and terrific air flow in the space. They make use of just top notch YKK zippers with closely-spaced teeth for rupturing strength. The door panels are designed to withstand strong winds, and likewise provide clips that go over the zipper tracks for additional reinforcement.

rhino shelters for car, truck, boat, rv

Most Rhino shelter sizes can be found in 3 colors– green, gray and tan. There is no extra fee for your option of color. Three-layer fabric provides exceptional security against the aspects– it stops rain and snow, the black middle layer blocks out UV rays and noticeable sunlight, and the white inner layer is bright and reflective, so you can utilize a light in the enclosure more efficiently.

A Rhino Shelter’s mobile enclosure is hands down the very best method to safeguard your farm equipment, yard tractor, watercraft, RV storage, automobile, and most anything needing all weather shelter outdoors.

Keep in mind – ” all portable garage shelters, are NOT created equal.” Go with shelter that will last, invest in Rhino Shelters today!

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