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Quality Car Cover ~ Two Things to Consider Before Buying

Quality Car Cover ~ The two major investments in ones lifetime is first their home, and secondly their automobile. If you’re like most Americans, you’ve probably paid a small fortune on you vehicle. For that reason, protecting your investment outdoors should be priority. You’ve worked to hard to leave your pride and joy parked unprotected in the elements. You want to make sure you protect it and the money you have spent.

Having garage area might not be enough to protect your auto. A quality car cover is a must have whether you park inside or outside.

Below we have highlighted the two most asked questions to consider before purchasing a quality car cover.

What type of vehicle are you safeguarding?

Is the car you plan to protect a weekend wonder, or is it your daily driver? Maybe it’s not a passenger car at all. Maybe you have an RV or boat needing all weather shelter when not in use. The answer to this question will determine which car cover is ideal for your vehicle.

If the car is your primary auto, you will want a lightweight car cover that makes it easy to put on and take off and stores easily. When you are running late, the last thing needed is a car cover that is hard to handle. Let’s face it. Daily life is already to hard as it is. You sure don’t want the added stress of a car cover that’s hard to handle.

If your car isn’t your primary vehicle used on a regular basis, then you might want to select a heavyweight car cover.

A quality car cover should be a bit heavier if the car is a classic or antique. Since it probably doesn’t get used as often, you can deal with a heavier custom fit car cover that will protect scrapes and scratches that may occur more freely with a lighter weight cover.

Where will you park your vehicle?

Depending on where your car will be regularly parked is the next step in determining the type of car cover needed for your vehicle.

If your car is parked in a garage or under a carport then you can probably opt for a lightweight cover that will safeguard against scratches, stray animals, and blow by debris. A heavier material is recommended if your vehicle is antique or classic.

Outdoor parking will surely warrant a car cover with a bit more protection due to the heavy traffic and exposure to elements outdoors. A heavier car cover will protect against debris, snow, hail, and the harmful effects of ultra violet rays. A weatherproof car cover would be ideal here.



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