Portable Garages ~ 5 Big Advantages To Owning One

Portable Garages ~ 5 Big Advantages To Owning One

For the folks who don’t have the needed capital or spare time, portable garages are a more affordable and easier alternative to get the garage you’ve always wanted without having to take out a second mortgage.

1. Just as the name implies: Portable Garages are Portable!

Portable Garages are not like permanent garage structures. They’re considered made to be both permanent and semi-permanent in their design. They can be moved from place to place after initial set-up. Often times, a building permit is not required for installation. Most local city and county zoning ordinances consider these type structures as a temporary shelter, thereby making a portable garage the homeowners best choice.

2. Most Portable Garages are Well Built

Portable Garages have made big strides in quality over the past 20 years. Many of the leading portable garage manufactures have embraced advanced engineering methods in their manufacturing process. These advances in technology have produced a better product overall.

3. Portable Garages are Economical

Portable Garages are much more affordable when compared to a permanent garage structure. One car garages often range from $550.00 up-to $1200.00 depending on the size, model and brand.

Two car garages cost more, but when compared to a traditional stick-built garage, they cost significantly less. Two car garages range in price between $1,699.00 to $2,899.00 depending on the model and brand. But expenses go beyond price to actual time, and while a portable garage kit can be set up in a few hours, permanent structures involve detailed planning. Do you have time for that?

4. Portable Garages are easy to install and set-up!

There is need to hire a contractor or handyman to install your new garage. They’re easy to set up and install, and come with everything needed to successfully install. This is a big savings for your pocketbook!

Furthermore, detailed set-up instructions with your portable garage kit purchase are included. The average 12x20x08 one car garage takes approx. 2-1/2 hours to set up with two people doing the install. Many husbands and wives do the installation together with minimal time or effort.

5. Portable Garages come with a manufacturers warranty

Garage kit manufacturers will typically offer a one or two year complimentary warranty with their shelter. Its important to remember to “purchase your portable garage from an authorized manufacturers dealer.” Many leading garage shelter manufacturers will not honor the warranty on their product, unless it was purchased directly from an authorized agent.

In summary, portable garages are not only portable, easy to set up, and a fraction of the cost of a traditional permanent structure, but are guaranteed to deliver the quality you expect!

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