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Outdoor Storage Sheds Made Easy

outdoor storage shedsThis outdoor storage sheds buyer’s guide will help you to choose the best shed, at the best price.

Do you have a need for additional space around the house? Don’t want the difficulties and regular monthly charges of an off-site storage space? Is developing an attached garage in your yard not affordable and realistic? Are your investments just laying around outdoors at the mercy of mother nature and her harsh elements?

What about your boat or cherished vehicle? Is it just sitting under a shade tree getting covered by bird droppings and pollen? If you answered yes to any of the above, it may be high time you consider an “outdoor storage shed.”

Storage sheds are the ideal solution for the do it yourself persona looking to add some needed space on a budget.

Types of Outdoor Storage Sheds

Outdoor storage shelters come in a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from. From a small tool shed, medium backyard shed, large garden shed, or all the way up to an extra large detached garage kit package, outdoor storage shelters can handle your requirements effortlessly.

The most common types of outdoor storage shed are made with steel, vinyl coated steel, vinyl, wood, and fabric.

Steel Sheds are by far the most versatile and affordable

steel outdoor storage shedsWith many styles and color pallet choices, metal storage shed kits offer many perks. One advantage of steel sheds are their longevity. Take a look around your neighborhood next time you take an afternoon walk. You’d be surprised at the number of homeowners who have a metal shed sitting in their garden patio or backyard space.

Metal outdoor storage sheds became popular back in the early 1960’s with the advent of the metal shed kit by Arrow Shed Company. The popularity of metal sheds in a do it yourself kit caught on like wildfire and Arrow sheds has been blazing the path ever since.

What started as an idea in the mind of a manufacturer over 50 years ago has expanded into a global storage building supplier. Metal storage shed kits come in two basic design profiles: The gambrel shed design (aka: barn style), and the traditional gable shed design (aka: house style).

Gambrel Barn Design

Engineered for durability and storage convenience, the gambrel barn design interior height makes it ideal for storing tall items. Its high roof also makes it comfortable for walking and working inside. The wide door openings provide easy access for your tractor mower and other large equipment.

Horizontal wall panels “drop into place” for easier assembly All parts are numbered, pre-cut and pre-drilled Vertical side braces for greater overall strength.

Gable House Design

vinyl outdoor storage shedsAttractive, high gable-styled roof and a 62″ wall height make the gable design a perfect place to store lawn tools, garden equipment, and other seasonal items. A baked-on enamel finish assures a quality storage solution year after year.

Vinyl coated steel sheds are a step up from traditional steel sheds

Vinyl coated steel sheds are just that, steel that has been coated with a vinyl barrier coating on the exterior surface. This makes for a much tougher shed and has great curb appeal. Vinyl coated sheds are a much more durable choice than traditional vinyl sheds. Vinyl storage sheds are often times flimsy and crack in direct sunlight. Not to mention flying rocks out from under the lawnmower destroying the vinyl! Premium vinyl-coated steel sheds are 5 times thicker than standard finishes.

Wooden Outdoor Storage Sheds

wooden outdoor storage shedsOutdoor storage sheds made from wood are not only highly customizable to match the exterior of your home and surrounding landscape, but wood sheds are now more affordable than ever. With many new wood shed manufacturers on the market, finding a wood shed in kit form is now easier than ever. Building a wood storage shed can be a daunting task, to say the least. wood storage shed kits take the guesswork out of the equation.

Including all parts and materials, wood shed kits are the ideal solution for the budget minded do it yourself.

Whatever path you choose in your outdoor storage shelter search, whether it’s a steel shed, vinyl coated steel, traditional vinyl, or wood, you’ll want to be sure to consider our helpful advice and tips to save you not only time buy money.

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2 comments on “Outdoor Storage Sheds Made Easy

  1. When I was searching for storage sheds for sale, I found the Gambrel Barn Design. It’s perfect because the high ceiling makes it comfortable for walking and working inside. I need something that’s large enough to park my riding lawn mower inside. This is exactly what I’m looking for!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your tutorial on adding an outdoor storage shelter. It was well written, easy to understand, and the steps presented are logical and revealing. My husband and I are adding a backyard shed to our existing patio area to stow away our pool supplies. The structure dimensions are a mere 4×6. The shed is not as large as we’d prefer, but space is limited. We are using wood for the main structure and metal siding for the trim and roof package. The shed will include two windows and a wide 52″ inch entry door.

    The floor will be concrete. We plan to add a few shelves and tool racks to maximize our storage space. We are not planning to paint the shed, but will stain and seal it with Thompson’s wood sealer. I will send over a picture of the patio shed once construction is complete. Thanks again for your tutorial on adding an outdoor shed.

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