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Garage Shed ~ 6 Tips for Keeping Your Structure Pest Free

garage shed

Nobody wants their garage shed inundated with bugs and creepy crawlers and often by the time you notice an unwanted guest, it may have already developed into an infestation. Like they say: “an ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure.” Spotting just one bug can be an indication of a much bigger problem. Pest technicians and rodent control services may help you to identify the scope of your problem, but there are many things garage owners can do to keep their space pest free. There are even organic ways to keep bugs out if you are against the use of chemicals.

Perform regular checkups – During the winter months you’ll want to check for cracks or crevice areas that may allow entry to pest in your garage before the cold weather sets in. Holes in the walls, roof, or cracks in the foundation should be sealed ( Silicone spray works wonders). By sealing all unwanted entry points will bar access to rats, lizards, and other rodents out of your garage shed.

Trim branches on a regular basis – Animals such as squirrels and other rodents may use overhang branches to hop on your roof and find a way in. Trimming branches on a regular basis will eliminate unwanted access to these pest.

Piles of debris shouldn’t be allowed to gather – Flies, mosquitoes, roaches, and ants tend to take shelter in damp, dark areas. Allowing compost piles and debris such as wood chippings or grass catchings to build up near the garage shed is a hot-bed and breeding ground for earth born insects and other small animals to make their way inside.

Keep garbage bins neat & tidy – Squirrels and raccoon’s, and even neighborhood cats and dogs will often rip open garbage bags and leave behind a hot mess. Keeping garbage bins tightened and secured with a proper fit lid can assist by keeping these troublemakers away and prevent a disaster from having to be cleaned up.

Keep windows and doors securely screened or closed – Don’t let insects and pest find their way inside the garage shed through a tiny crack, ripped screen, or hole. Take some extra time to examine doors and window screens and seal or replace any small cracks or rips that may allow entry. This will also help with energy savings.

Organic Pest Repellent Ideas

Leary to using standard chemicals to rid your home of pests and other insects? There is some good news. There are many organic alternatives on the market. From essential oils, to non-chemical based repellents, you have options available to keep critters out of the home. Sprinkling coffee grounds around doors and windows will help to keep ants out. There are many different natural pest control methods that can be utilized to keep the garage shed pest free.

Infestations may only be tackled by the use of professional pest control services. However, if you take some proactive preventative measures before an infestation occurs, you chances for success is much greater.

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