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Category: Prefab Garage Kits

Affordable Improvements to Carports & Garages Offer Generous ROI

Carports and Garages

How adding carports and garages can significantly add value and equity to your homes value. Updated 2016! If you are considering selling your home, you are likely considering what improvements will enhance the house’s value. Upgrading your kitchen area to granite counter-tops and matching stainless appliances are both good investments. Remodeling your restrooms can likewise enhance […]

Prefab Steel Structures in Flood Zones – 5 Advantages

prefab steel structures

In this guide, you’ll learn all about prefab steel structures. Countless house owners have really felt the effects of the current floodings in Texas. Heavy rainfalls from Bristol to Dallas as well as Houston brought devastation to 70 counties. Left in the after-effects of breached levees and overflowed rivers, many residents looked on in disbelief as they […]

Introductory Guide To Prefabricated Buildings

prefabricated building kits

Prefabricated building kits are the perfect solution for people or companies that require a durable, standard structure set up rapidly and with as little trouble as possible. Also called modular buildings, these structures are quickly transportable, can be erected in a fairly brief period of time, and are essentially portable, implying that they can be moved if […]

Expert Advice For Selecting The Best Portable Garage

best portable garages and shelters for snow load

In this tutorial, you learn what is the Best Portable Garage For Snow Load. Updated 2016. Do you need a portable garage for an area that gets a lot of snow, but don’t want to choose just anything? If you’re going to safeguard your investments from inclement weather, you want to have the best security, right? If so, then you’re […]

Different types of Garages

Garage is the part of the house or an associated building. This is designed for storing vehicle(s). There are many different types of garages. Texas homes have single or double car garages which are detached within the ground often in the back garden. Three types of garage are there in many USA homes: single garage, medium single […]

Sheltertube Wind and Snow Rated ~ The Ultimate Portable Garage

Sheltertube Wind and Snow Rated

ShelterTube Wind and Snow Rated Portable Garage Shelters by ShelterLogic. Choosing a portable garage shelter can be a challenge. While price often dominates most individuals decision making, quality should be of supreme importance. Workmanship and durability matter. If you plan on getting the most out of your portable garage over an extended period of time, […]