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Costco 10×20 Car Canopy Assembly Instructions

Here you’ll learn how to set up a Costco Car Canopy.

10x20 costco assembly instructionsThe Costco 10-by-20-foot car canopy is designed to offer short-term protection from severe sun rays, light rain and bird droppings. The Costco 10×20 Car Canopy is large enough to cover automobiles and small recreational vehicles, or provide shelter for a garden party. No special tools are required to set-up the car canopy, though assembly is quicker with 2 adults.

Things You’ll Need To Assemble The 10×20 Car Canopy

  • Rope
  • Tubing
  • Connectors, three-way and four-way
  • Valance cover
  • Bungee cords
  • Base feet
  • Anchors

Car Canopy Assembly Instructions

Set out the tubing and adapter pieces at the building area. Arrange the tubing in the shape of the roofing system frame. Set the three-way connector pieces at each corner, and at the center of each 10-foot end of the frame. Place the four-way port pieces in the center of the 20-foot lengths of the frame, and in the very center of the frame.

1. Slide the tubing and adapter pieces together. Begin at the center of the roof frame.

2. Put together the six leg-poles for the canopy. Move the leg pieces together.

3. Spread the valance over frame and put together roof frame. Face the valance grommets internal.

4. Place the leg poles into the corresponding adapters on the roofing system frame. Lock the connectors to protect the poles.

5. Move the bungee cord through a grommet on a valance corner. Wrap the bungee around the frame, and then protect the cord around the ball.

6. Repeat the process for the remaining corners and the other 2 grommets.

7. Move the end of each leg pole into a base foot-plate. Stake the corners of the frame with rope and anchors.

There you have it! A fully assembled Costco car canopy. Good luck and thanks for reading!