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Portable garages have become preferred for customers wanting to acquire a value based storage option for cars, trucks, vans, RVs, and boats. These clear span tension material structures cost a fraction of an old-fashioned brick, vinyl, or wooden garage. There are many garage accessories and additional features which can be added to offer a more rewarding owner experience.

One function which offers a favorable experience is enough interior lighting.

Numerous of these portable garage shelters have white interiors for boosted illumination. Some makers namely (Shelterlogic, Clear Span and ShelterTech) will utilize clear (or translucent fabric) to allow sunshine to shine in. The clear material is typically positioned on the top of the portable garage. Others will position the clear material on the sides.

Another accessory which can offer for an improved owner experience is a roll up door kit.

A roll up door kit enables the user to open the door more quickly without hand rolling. This accessory will also keep the door open. Some portable garage producers use a mechanical crank type gadget while others utilize a rope system just like a window blind.

Another portable garage accessory which can offer extra security for the contents is a vent kit.

A vent kit helps to lower humidity within the shelter. Humidity can cause contents to corrosion or weaken in another manner. This accessory will certainly keep air flowing through the shelter. Vents can be positioned on the gable portion or lower side part of the portable garage.

Never install the vent on top of the shelter, as rain or snow can go into. Vent kits are installed by the owner, so it is crucial that maker’s directions be followed. If an incorrect hole size is positioned in the cover, the manufacturers warranty will certainly be voided.

Other typical devices include shelving & interior light kits.

Anchors are commonly referred to as an optional accessory with some dealerships. However, anchors are a requirement to safely install the shelter to the installing surface area.

A portable garage has numerous uses & devices which can provide for a more positive owner experience. It is very important to consider these options prior to buying.

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